In the event’s second division, Fort St. John Elks Colton Johnson and Sarah Graham finished first and second respectively in the 300 metre distance. Johnson’s top spot came as a result of him finishing first in his two heats, earning him 1000 points. Graham finished second in both her first heat then the final heat, to earn her 816 points.

In the final heat, Johnson was only .36 of a second quicker than Graham.

Dawson Creek’s Hanna Brunn finished third in the race, doing so with 666 points.

The competition’s third division resulted in a first, second and third place sweep by the hosting Elks. Taking first place was Ryan Potgieter, who finished first in four of his five heats throughout the weekend to earn 2,816 points. Second was earned by Brett Weber, finishing with 2,613 points and Jordy Weber rounding out third with 1,998 points.

Moving into the fourth division, the Elks once again swept the top three finishes, with Yuna Lovell finishing in first place with 3,000 points. Second was awarded to Joshua Telizyn after earning 2,488 points, while third went to Michelle kalkman with 1,998 points.

In the race’s fifth and final division, it was another top three Elks sweep, with Brody Mickey earning first with 2,666 points, Braden Rowe second with 2,482 and Nolan Hull rounding out third with 2,025.