However, they also say making sure that people in the region are fully qualified and able to work on these projects will be critical to collective economic success.

The Workforce Table brought together key leaders from across the Northeast to plan collectively how to best align training in the region with job opportunities. The result of this analysis is a Regional Skills Training Plan for the region, with four key goals. 
They include providing regionally specific career information, including training for high demand occupations, programs to help business owners grow their businesses and foster new business development, and finally ensuring that training programs in the region align with labour market needs including ensuring a smooth path for people to get the training they need whether it’s in the northeast or outside the region. The plan also looks for ways to ensure that when people do have to go outside to be trained, they have a reason to come back to the northeast.
The Training Plan will be posted on the Northern Lights College website at as of December 21st, and the next steps for the Task Force will be to prepare an implementation plan.