At Monday’s council meeting, council voted to continue with just the maintenance of the one ice surface in Kin Park. Staff say with only one rink to maintain, the City was able to provide a “consistent level of service”, cleaning and flooding it most days during the week.

It was flooded on November 30, 2011 and was maintained until February 29, 2012 when it was melted by warm weather. In total, the cost for labour and equipment for the season was $8,905. City staff do point out that last year was a “good” year for maintaining ice surfaces because the city did not receive a lot of snow or extreme temperatures. A more typical winter would cost more to maintain, but the expected cost is within the City’s finalized operating budget.

Councillor Byron Stewart says based on his discussions with a School District 60 Trustee, it’s possible there are funds for the CM Finch hockey rink to be maintained this winter.