Taylor’s Big Bam Ski Hill is currently preparing for its yearly safety inspection, while also completing the final touches on the hill’s brand new lift, allowing riders to explore an additional 33 per cent of the hill, while also offering more challenging runs.

People working on the hill have also said that Big Bam does not yet have a sufficient base of snow to start producing it themselves. They say the ground still needs at least another foot, before the artificially produced snow can be laid on top.

Another issue has been inconsistent weather, which has prevented the ground from freezing, which is necessary for a solid foundation to ride on.

However, hill volunteers say they are moving in the right direction, and are aiming for mid December to open their doors.

As per usual, Big Bam is always looking for volunteers to help the hill run throughout the season. They are looking for helpers of two kinds: the first are tradesmen who can help assemble all the mechanical aspects of a ski hill, and the second involves volunteering with rentals, tow operating, ticket sales and concession.

Once again, the hill will provide compensation to those who volunteer their time. Anyone who volunteers once a week for a month will receive a full season of riding for free for them and their family, which includes free rentals as well.

It’s much of the same story further away at Powder King, which as of today, still requires more snow, with none of their 37 runs open so far.

The mountain still requires approximately a 1.5 metre base of snow before they allow riders to enjoy the various runs.

New to the mountain this year will snowshoe trails, which finished being constructed back in April. The new feature allows anyone interested to strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore the various tracks carved throughout the mountain. Anyone is allowed to try the new feature, which can also be enjoyed at night. Rentals cost only $15 dollars to try this new and exciting adventure.

Powder King updates its official website daily, which informs riders the progress the mountain is making in its attempt to open its doors.