Locally, a campaign kick off party will be taking place tonight at Maxx’s Fitness and Sports Lounge, where Movember teams can register their group of fundraisers, and clean their upper lip of any residual hairs, so growers will start from scratch while growing their support ‘stache.

It’s the first time Maxx’s Fitness is getting involved in the cause, and it will be holding events throughout the month to help raise even more money for prostate cancer.

Organizer Janice Reid, manager of Maxx’s Fitness, says it’s important for the gym to get involved when it’s for such a good cause.

“We are really hoping that we are focusing on a lot of community events. Movember is a pretty huge deal so we want to jump on board and offer our space for everything.”

Helping with the clean start will be employees of Chelsea’s Hair Salon, who will be making sure everyone is clean shaven to start the campaign.

The friendly Fort St. John fundraising competition will involve some great prizes, as the winning team, which must comprise of at least five members, will win an 18 person steak dinner hosted by Maxx’s, along with some other goodies as well.

Reid says that everyone is encouraged to sign up and help raise money, ranging from individuals, all the way up to entire Fort St. John rec-hockey teams.

Registration for your Movember campaign is being held at the event, or can be completed online beforehand.

The events have already begun to be organized, as this weekend the facility is holding an adult Wally-Ball tournament, with the proceeds being donated to the Movember cause.

Reid says the tournament is almost at capacity, but more will be held throughout the month for those looking to play the uniquely fun game.

Tonight’s event will begin at 7 p.m. but that won’t be the last time fundraisers meet, as Maxx’s will be holding a “Mid-Mo” party on November 15, to check in on all the teams’ progress, both in the fundraising and hair growing departments.

The campaign wraps up November 30, when Maxx’s Fitness hosts a shave-off party, also determining the winner of the fundraising contest.

Support for this campaign has even reached the provincial government, as Minister of Health Margaret MacDiarmid says such campaigns are important in the fight against cancer.

“Prostate cancer affects one in seven men. Even though British Columbia has some of the best cancer survival rates in Canada, we can always do more. Through research and education, we can change the way we target health services to men to help improve their overall health.”

Last year, the Energetic City raised close to $34,000.