Also present at the event were personal trainers Krista Cowie and Clayton Foster of Fort St. John’s World Gym, to demonstrate proper and safe workout techniques for those in attendance.

The two trainers explained how people using the gym can do so to either get a cardiovascular workout, or to specifically focus on muscle development, using one’s own body weight as resistance.

The two demonstrated riding the gym’s stationary bike and air walker machine, various weight exercises such as the chest press and back row, squats and even workouts focused on a person’s core, such as abdominal tucks.

More important than workout technique was the underlying theme of living an active, healthy lifestyle, one of the key reasons the Green Gym was created.

Cowie says it’s an important message, especially for the youngsters.

“I think that we work at a gym all day long and we see how hard it is for adults to even walk into a gym. It’s intimidating; the equipment is unfamiliar. If the children are used to it at a young age that fear is gone as an adult.”

Cowie adds that the Green Gym offers a different type of workout to its patrons than a regular gym provides, but if someone knows a few things about working out, it’s a good place to get some valuable exercise.

The gym is now officially open for public use, and people of all ages are encouraged to get out and try the machines.

When asked if anyone had any questions about the facility a child asked if someone could hurt themselves on the machines, to which Cowie replied that safety is very important when working out, but if done properly, “the only side effects will be stronger, healthier and happier.”