The new bus is also seven times more energy and fuel efficient than single occupancy vehicles and produces near zero emissions of particulates and mono-nitrogen oxides.

“The staff at Diversified Transportation Northern Health Connections division were excited to see the new unit arrive,” says Dave Christie, regional manager for Diversified Transportation. “To be able to operate a vehicle so advanced in safety and comfort, and reduces our carbon footprint, is a win-win for everybody.”

That’s all in addition to the extra leg room, space for four wheelchairs, wheelchair accessible washrooms, in-seat audio system and video screens with an on board DVD player, and plug-ins at each seat that can be found on every bus.

In total, Northern Health Connections has 11 buses in its fleet – six coach buses for longer travel and 5 mini buses for shorter distances. Those buses are used to transport northern residents to medical appointments out of town.

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