It’s a program in conjunction with CBC’s Sports Day in Canada, that provides kids with a unique opportunity to try out a variety of sports available within the community for free.

The hundreds of participating kids got to sample five separate sports activities throughout the day, each held in one hour sessions at various venues around Fort St. John.

Activities ranged from hockey, to soccer, curling, speed skating, and even a new program in wheelchair basketball.

The goal of the program is a simple one: introduce children to the good times provided by athletics, as well as the importance of getting active at young age.

Steve Gutknecht, finance and business development officer for PacificSport Nothern B.C., says the program came up to the Peace Region with one intention in mind.

“Just to provide a free opportunity for kids to try various sports that they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. Hoping to generate excitement around physical activity and healthy living and start those healthy habits early at a young age.”

The program also offered a chance for kids to try a sport prior to committing to registering, a luxury many kids and their parents don’t have when considering enrolling in a new sport. Gutknecht says it’s that luxury that makes the program quite appealing to kids and their parents.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to try sports they might not be sure they like or not, but because its free, there is no cost so they can try and see if they like it, and if they do, hopefully they sign up with a local sport group and it’s also good for parents to get connected with those local sports groups.”

According to Gutknecht, the feedback has been great: every session he attended was full, if not close to max capacity, which he says is a great feeling for organizers when they see their programs packed with enthusiastic participants.

“It’s great. It really just shows that people are excited to try out these sports, and just get involved, be active and get excited to be active. It’s very rewarding.”

PacificSport Northern B.C. runs programs throughout the entire year at various locations across the province, and for a more complete list of those programs and where they will be taking place, visit the organization’s official website.