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The first project was completed in Chetwynd, where a pedestrian-activated traffic signal was installed on Highway 97 at 46 St, valued at $175,000. According to the government, the signal was installed to improve safety for those crossing the highway to get to the library, recreation centre and Chetwynd Secondary School.

Project two was constructed in Groundbirch, where two street lights have been installed on Road 265, increasing visibility to those accessing McLeod School and the community hall. The project cost the government $40,000.

Lastly, five LED street lights were installed at the intersection of Rolla Road and Sweetwater Road, located in Rolla, B.C. The lights will provide motorists and pedestrians additional safety, and the project was valued at $175,000.

Blair Lekstrom, MLA for the Peace River South, says the projects were designed with the well-being of the surrounding communities in mind.

“It is easier to be safe if you are seen, which is why we have worked to improve the visibility at intersections in three South Peace communities. By adding streetlights at intersections in Groundbirch and Rolla, and a pedestrian-activated traffic signal in Chetwynd, we’re investing in improved safety for pedestrians and motorists.”

The above projects are a portion of a $5 million government investment this year for safety projects close to and within B.C. communities, intent on improving safety for anyone travelling the provincial highways.

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