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A large variety of people gathered at the local park, eventually marching down the streets of the city with the intention of spreading the word that victim-blaming is a problem that needs to be addressed within our protective services and in society as a whole.

The event began with a number of speeches from organizers, including supporters and politicians, as Mayor Lori Ackerman addressed the crowd.

Ackerman spoke of the importance of rallies like these, even quoting Albert Einstein in her speech.

“I have a couple of quotes that came to mind, and the first one is Einstein, who said, ‘The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits’.”

One woman marching, who wished to remain anonymous, says the burden should not be placed on women when it comes to such a heinous crime.

“It’s important that women not be in a defensive position when they are putting in a complaint against an aggressor or an attacker,” she argues. “Women should not be subjected to questions as to what you are wearing or how many drinks you have; simply by showing up at a club or a party, that does not mean, yes, I am fair game.”

As the woman walked next to a young girl she identified as a friend, she also said it’s very important that young girls learn such valuable lessons at an early age, to avoid exposure to such a mentality.

The Slut Walk is an international campaign that has been attended by thousands of people around the world.

Photos from the event are below:

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