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Shopland’s 25 years of service were honoured at Monday’s City Council meeting, where council thanked him for his involvement in major changes for the government.

“He has played a key role in planning and upgrading the City’s infrastructure,” read Mayor Lori Ackerman. “From switching water sources to moving to new facilities and overseeing huge infrastructure changes, Victor has been an integral part of it all.”

Victor started work as a Plant Operator with the City in August 1987, after moving from the Town of Athabasca. He was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plants, City pump house, sewage lift station and sewage lagoons. Over the next 11 years he continued his education and obtained his Water Treatment Plant Operator Class IV certification in 1995, and was promoted to Water and Sewer Foreman and then Assistant Superintendent of Water and Sewer in 1998.

He took over the position of Director of Public Work and Utilities in 2002, which he held until he was appointed to Director of Infrastructure and Capital Works in 2008. This year he also assumed responsibility for managing the Planning and Engineering Department and is now the City’s Approving Officer as well.

“That’s just what Victor does,” says Ackerman. “He steps up to the plate and helps wherever needed.”

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