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It also allows for the foreshore lease of up to 102 hectares of submerged lands for the berthing facility.

Ida Chong, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, says this agreement will create new jobs and opportunities throughout the province.

“This agreement builds on our strong partnership with the Haisla Nation, and it is the key to unlocking the vast potential of a whole new natural gas export industry in British Columbia which will provide long-term stability for
families and communities.”

The Haisla will be able to secure leases to the Crown land for up to 60 years, and have the possibility of buying it outright. The cost of potential deals have not been released.

The framework agreement will give the First Nation the opportunity to partner with industry to build an LNG facility and marine export terminal in the area surrounding Haisla Reserve #6 on the west side of the Douglas Channel. The Haisla will be responsible for finding a partner to develop the land. If the land is determined to be not appropriate for that use, the agreement states it can reasonably be used for other industrial and marine use.

Another three projects are already in the works for the area near Kitimat, and two have already received export licences:  Kitimat LNG and B.C. LNG Douglas Channel. This land could also be used for the expansion of current projects, if not for the construction of a new one.

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