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“It’s not uncommon for something as small as a cigarette to start a fire in bark mulch,” he explains. “It appeared to start on the resident’s side of the fence.”

There was also no sign of other causes like youth starting fireworks in the area.

Burrows also remarks on the strange path of the fire, saying the bottom three quarters of the nearby tree escaped damage, while the top quarter is completely singed.

“It’s just funny the way it climbed up the tree; it left probably 30 feet of tree untouched and then it burned the top ten feet off it,” he says. “It’s just all blackened and every needle’s gone.”

He explains the fire may have travelled up the middle of the tree by quickly burning debris on the tree like sap, and not burning deep in the lower level. The Fire Department was able to put out the fire quickly, and there was no damage to the house.

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