Lori Slater awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Slater acts as the Chair of the Mayor's Disability Advisory Committee, and has a long list of work she's done, including organizing the Wheels in Motion events in Fort St. John, being responsible for the Accessible Parking Campaign, working with an Aging with Disabilities study and bringing workshops on visitable housing.

"Lori's fought hard to advocate these issues for many years," says Zimmer. "In Ottawa, we had to go around in wheelchairs. We didn't have to, I volunteered to do it, and got a real appreciation for what she has to do every day."

He cites her suggestion to improve the wheelchair ramp in front of his office as just one of the changes she's helped make to the city.

"This is a huge honour," Slater says while accepting her award. "The work that I do, I don't consider it work; It's a passion for me. The things that we've been able to accomplish, we wouldn't be able to do it without the support of all of you right behind us."

"That's what this community is all about," she adds. "It's just working together, and that's what I believe in; by working together we are going to make this a very accessible community."

She also thanked her husband Bob, saying most of the work she does wouldn't be possible without his support.


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