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She, her husband and their young daughter returned to the Energetic City in 2011, where she met with former Director Rhonda Scott, who encouraged her to take over. The transition between the two began in the spring, and now Giesbrecht is ready to breathe new life into the choir. Scott hopes to return in an assistant position, along with Sabrina Bailey, who works with the School District band program.

Registration is open to students ages 7 – 17, and Giesbrecht hopes to see 20 under 12 and 20 over 12 to form different groups.

“We’re hoping this year that we’ll get enough kids that we can split them up a little bit just by age and ability and voice type,” she says, “That way the repertoire can be a little more specific to their ages.”

Giesbrecht is also planning on targeting a specific demographic.

“One of the biggest challenges usually with the over 12 age range is getting boys out,” she explains.”So we’re really hoping that with good repertoire choices that was can attract more guys to the group to.”

That means not only challenging the students with different kinds of music, but also performing music that interests them, like music from TV shows and movies.

“Something like that where it’s immediately recognizable, but you’re still building choral skills and group singing skills, but you’re keeping them interested and also hopefully getting the public more interested too.”

That’s one of Giesbrecht’s biggest goals this year: increasing the community’s awareness of the choir with more exciting, themed performances and collaborating with other local artists. The choir is definitely about the community, as it is held outside the School District, so children can make friends from other schools and other grades they might not normally.

“I think by being a part of the choir, they have a chance to meet new people, make new friends, and they’ve got this built in, automatic same interest right there with other kids.”

That, and she calls it the “most affordable option in town” for art education. Registration for September to June costs $100 per student, plus $10 for photocopying and $45-55 for uniforms.

The Northern Lights Youth Choir meets from 4 – 5:30 p.m. on Fridays starting  September 28, 2012. Registration can be done at the One-Stop Registration on September 8, at any of the first three rehearsals, or online at

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