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Fort St. John’s club was one of the three randomly chosen in a draw after the Provincial championship swim meet a couple weeks ago.

As a result, the club will receive a $1,000 credit, provided by the online swimming gear website Team Aquatic Services, as well as iconic aquatic brand, Speedo.

Michael Hutchinson, of the British Columbia Summer Swimming Association, says the grant can go a long way for the province’s small swim clubs.

“The board was happy that it went to a small swim club, because we know it would go a lot farther for a small swim club than a larger one.”

Along with the Fort St. John Stingrays, the Lillooet Killer Whales and Grand Forks Piranhas were the other two clubs to receive the Club of the Year credit.

Originally, the selection was to be made based on a club’s total points accumulated throughout the season, however, this would make it significantly more difficult for the small clubs within the province to win. As a result, a random draw was selected as the determining process.

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