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The properties were built with the intention that someone could build a shop near their home for storage or work on vehicles like welding trucks.

The Traffic and Parking Bylaw adopted in 2009 shows the truck route ending one kilometre from the Alaska Highway, just shy of the subdivision, ending at the railroad tracks. As the bylaw is silent in that area, a decision by Taylor council to extend the truck route to and within Cherry Lane Estates is required.

The Public Works Superintendent is in favour of the extension, and as administrator Charlotte McLeod points out, the road is prepared for that heavy a load.

“When that road was developed into Cherry Lane Estates, it was developed to a standard that should be able to sustain heavier vehicles.”

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Council voted to approve the extension, and went through the first three readings of the amended bylaw. The official change is subject to the final reading of the bylaw.

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