Prevention the name of the game regarding forest fires

Jillian Chimko, information officer for the Prince George Fire Centre, says the region is currently vulnerable to fires, and the Centre is expecting more if lightning begins to present itself.

She says despite the start of fires naturally, there are many ways people can prevent the ignition of fires. If camping, people are being asked to make sure all man-made fires are properly extinguished.

With regards to people enjoying the great outdoors on recreational vehicles, Chimko says it’s important to make sure riders have spark controllers on their vehicles.

Another important preventative tip is to make sure all cigarette butts are properly disposed of, and not left to burn out in the forest.

Over this past weekend, Chimko says six forest fires were discovered in the Fort Nelson region. She says she expects more to start because of the weather and the Fire Centre’s response crews are making sure they are well rested and ready to respond to any blazes that are discovered.

The Fire Centre is also asking that if anyone discovers a forest fire, please report it immediately by calling either * 555 or 1-800-663-5555.


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