Air Canada reduces cost of flying to Vancouver

With this newly created fare, flights will now cost travelers a one-way rate of $249, excluding taxes.

Isabelle Arthur, a Spokesperson for Air Canada, says the decision to reduce rates, which was made by Air Canada in June, resulted from the company keeping their ears open to a variety of information sources.

“We review on a regular basis all our routes, while also talking to the different communities we serve to get feedback and taking into consideration that feedback. From airport authorities, travel agents, frequent flyers and Jazz employees in Fort St. John. Following that, we adjusted our fares.”  

Arthur says another important aspect in this decision was keeping in contact with a variety of levels within local communities served by Air Canada.

Locally in Fort St. John, Darren Thompson of the Fort St. John Airport Services Development Committee started a letter campaign a few months ago, encouraging residents to submit letters to Air Canada requesting cheaper fare rates between Fort St. John and Vancouver.

The campaign was officially launched at the city’s Energy Service Expo, which was held back in May.

Flight fares were recently adjusted to offer competitive rates with flights departing from Grande Prairie Airport. This new fare is $50 higher than the lowest offered from the neighbouring airport.

Arthur also spoke about how the decision to reduce rates may have been influenced by rival WestJet’s recent interest in flying in and out of Fort St. John.

“When we do make decisions, we also take into consideration the different types of transportation that community has. That includes bus services, trains and also our competition.”

According to Air Canada, the company will continue to investigate both fare rates and schedules in Fort St. John, as they continue their review process to ensure both fares and schedules are similar across the market.

The adjustment of fare prices is effective immediately.


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