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“You need to leave us a better community than you found us,” she says. “A project of this magnitude, it will put pressure on a community and community services… this is going to be a seven year jolt and we’re going to have to bring that in and try and deal with it.”

The City has launched its “Let’s Talk Site C” campaign, which will include public consultation over the next couple of months through talks in the park with city council, and dialogue on a website. At the centre is a community survey located at under the topic Let’s Talk Site C, where residents can find information, view videos, and participate in discussions about protecting the best interests of our city.

“We need to have a robust conversation about how this is going to impact our community,” says Ackerman. “So we’re asking you to reflect on your quality of life, the services that you provide to the community, the services that you receive in the community, and how they will be impacted.”

To get the discussion rolling, the City has produced a pamphlet with suggested requirements for Site C, as well as a video of the mayor outlining suggested objectives. The City will also hold informal chats in parks around the city for discussion with community members.

At the end of the consultation period, the community’s interests will be presented as a position paper to B.C. Hydro. Although the final decision rests with the provincial and federal government, Ackerman believes our thoughts should carry weight, as its downtown is only seven kilometres away from the dam.

“We believe that as the community most impacted by this, that the joint review panel, the provincial government and B.C. Hydro should be listening to what this community has to say about it.”

Any comments from residents in other affected communities like Hudson’s Hope will also be shared.

The Let’s Talk Site C paper can be downloaded below.

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