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MP Report by Bob Zimmer
Reflecting on the First Year as a Majority Government

I have been honoured to spend these first few weeks of summer taking part in a number of exciting events throughout the riding. From Canada Day in Prince George, to the grand openings of the Peace River Regional District’s Accessibility and Mechanical Upgrade Project, the new Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa, and Spectra Energy’s Dawson Processing Plant, it’s been a productive start to the summer.

At the same time, I have also had the chance to reflect on all that our Government has achieved over the past year. Last May, Canadians selected a strong, stable, national, majority Conservative Government. Since then, we have worked hard and made critical choices resulting in accomplishments that are making a difference in the lives of all Canadians.

For instance, we’ve delivered action to support jobs and growth by extending the Hiring Credit for Small Business, helping small businesses grow and employ more workers. We’ve also delivered support for youth, older workers, and Canadians with disabilities entering the workforce. In addition, by investing in public infrastructure such as the permanent funding of the Gas Tax Fund for municipalities, we’re helping to deliver a job creation environment for tradespeople all across the country.

We’ve expanded trade and opened markets for Canadian business, while continuing to pursue new (and strengthen existing) trade relationships – particularly with large, dynamic and fast-growing economies in Asia. Plus, we’ve helped elevate Canada’s business competitiveness by reducing red tape. Meanwhile, we’ve also taken action to move Canada’s immigration system towards one that places substantial focus on meeting Canada’s labour market needs.

We’ve established Responsible Resource Development, which ensures regulatory reviews are improved and streamlined, and that major projects take environmental safety into consideration. We’ve also extended the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit, which helps mining companies raise capital, and delivered additional support for fisheries, forestry, and agriculture across the country.

Meanwhile, public safety is something that our Conservative Government has always taken very seriously. We abolished the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry which wasn’t keeping Canadians safe, only criminalizing honest hunters and farmers. We passed the Safe Streets and Communities Act, comprehensive legislation which cracks down on drug dealers and organized crime, while delivering support for victims. We’ve also passed a number of other crime bills, including legislation to support victims of white-collar crime, and to ensure the mandatory reporting by internet service providers of child pornography.

In addition, we’ve delivered support to ensure Canada’s retirement system remains sustainable for today’s seniors and for future generations, while continuing to support our Veterans and delivering tax relief for families. We also kept our promise and passed into law the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, giving our wheat and barley farmers the freedom to contract their grain to the buyer of their choice. Plus, we introduced legislation to make the Senate more democratic, accountable and representative of all Canadians.

In one year, our Government has achieved these accomplishments without raising taxes, or cutting transfers to seniors or the provinces for social spending such as education and health care.

It has been an extremely busy and fulfilling year, and I look forward to the hard work that lies ahead as we enter the second year of our mandate and continue to implement Economic Action Plan 2012. Until then, I look forward to continuing to travel throughout the riding over the summer and meeting with, and hearing from you on the issues that matter most to you.

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