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An estimated 300 rafts, kayaks, canoes and boats joined special guest David Suzuki in this year’s Paddle For The Peace. The event, now in its seventh year, is organized by the Peace Valley Association to celebrate the Peace River valley and raise awareness about what would be lost should the Site C Dam be constructed.

Suzuki was invited to attend the event after he played a significant role in protesting the original proposal for the dam back in the early 1980’s.  “I was up here 30 years ago and we were fighting the same battle against this dam. I was delighted to see at that time we got a moratorium on it back then. It’s kind of discouraging that after 30 years we’re fighting the same battle over again… The challenge is that we haven’t shifted in the way we see the world and our place in it. Except now, the crisis is becoming urgent to protect every bit of wild areas that we have left.”

Organizer Danielle Yeoman said the event hoped to raise awareness by welcoming Suzuki to the event this year. “This is not just a northern BC issue, it is becoming a worldwide issue, and i’m very happy to have him supporting us in the fight against Site C.”

The Site C dam project is currently in the regulatory review phase.

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