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According to the Fire Centre, both fires were caused by lightning and are being treated with modified responses, meaning they are still being analyzed and actively monitored, but no crews are working the fire.  

A recent report on Facebook had suggested the development of a new fire in Siphon Creek, north of Cecil Lake, but the Fire Centre says there is no new fire in that area. Rather, an older fire had kicked up smoke overnight, which was located on private land, and poses no risk of spreading.

Jillian Chimko, Information Officer for the Prince George Fire Centre, also discussed some recent changes made regarding the Province’s open fire ban. As of 1 p.m. on Friday, July 13, B.C.’s open fire ban will change from a category 2, to a category 2 and 3, meaning that open burning is no longer permitted.

The change comes as a result of hot, dry weather, which has increased the potential for fires within the region. The ban is expected to last until September.

Officials at the Fire Centre are also confirming smoke from massive fires in Siberia has made its way to British Columbia.

The smoke is affecting the majority of regions within the province and while it’s believed to have negative effects on the ozone, Fire Centre officials are saying it poses minimal risks to people.

Chimko says that despite the smoke covering the majority of the province, it is too high in the air to pose any health concerns for people.

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