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The AquaVan, presented by B.C. Hydro, is a mobile classroom filled with live invertebrate animals like sea urchins, sea anemones, crabs, sea snails and sea stars, with which members of the community can interact. Activities will range from touching the live ocean creatures to learning how to classify ocean species. 

Participants will also learn about the impact litter and pollution has on animals and the ocean, with the hope people will be inspired to take care of the earth. The program is intended to foster awareness of the need to protect and conserve aquatic life, and help communities understand their connection with the ocean, no matter how far away from it they may be.

The AquaVan will be in Fort Nelson on July 29 at the Fort Nelson First Nation and July 30 at the Art Fraser Park. It will stop in Fort St. John for two days, setting up at the Keeginaw Friendship Centre on August 3 and the Totem Mall on August 4. Those in Taylor for the Gold Panning Championships on August 5 will get their chance to tour the van, and Dawson Creek on August 6.

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We have partnered with local businesses to create an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway! One of our Supporters will win the giveaway on December 2 and anyone who becomes one by December 1 will be entered to win as well.

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