Spectra employee in burn unit after pipeline flash fire Saturday

Two employees were injured in the fire: one was treated at the Fort St. John hospital and released the same day, and the second has since been transferred to a hospital in Vancouver where he is reportedly in stable condition, and is undergoing further care and treatment. The employee in question is from the Vancouver area.

Rosemary Silva, Team Leader of External Communications, says there were between 16 and 18 workers on the site that day, but as it occurred during the lunch hour, there were significantly less present. Silva says the cause of the incident is unknown at this time, but is currently being investigated.

"Details of the incident are not known at this time," she says. "We're currently investigating the cause of this incident. At the time of the incident we immediately made notifications immediately to our regulatory authorities."

Those include the National Energy Board and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, who will have an investigator on the scene tomorrow.

Although the incident happened last Saturday, the public was seemingly unaware until the TSB announced it was investigating this morning. Silva says that's because there was no risk to the public.

"There were no public safety issues, and our focus was and is on the safety and ensuring that our employees get the care that they need and we're focused on their continued recovery."

She adds the site was quickly secured, and is now inactive until the investigation has completed. There is reportedly no damage to the site.

We will continue to update as we learn more about this situation.


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