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Steve Henderson, Spectra Energy’s Manager of Community and Aboriginal Relations, points out that along with its hundreds of employees in the northeast, comes their families, who at some point may need the assistance of Search and Rescue volunteers. Some of those volunteers include Spectra employees themselves.

“They’re volunteers and they need our support, and we’re happy as a company to be able to support search and rescue activities in northeast B.C.,” says Henderson. “It’s because of the service they provide that we take pride in not only having our employees volunteering, but being able to support the organizations.”

“We really are very proud of their involvement and admire their dedication,” continues Darren Wait, Director of Operations at the Taylor facility. “We are grateful that they, and others like them, give their time so willingly to keep others safe, to keep us safe, and to save lives, as well as preventing accidents from occurring in the first place.”

One of those volunteers is Brian Lamond, who, in addition to being Team Leader for Emergency Preparedness at Spectra, also spends his time as a leader for Search and Rescue. He explains that funding like this from Spectra, as well as from the Peace River Regional District, is essential to keep the organization running.

“SAR is not a government organization, it’s not government run, it’s not government funded, it’s not government sponsored. Predominantly the equipment material and the training we do largely is funded through gracious donations like Spectra has done with this, so I know it will help out the teams in the great organizational scheme of things.”

He also says he’s thankful to work for a company where he doesn’t typically see a reduction in his pay when he has to respond to a call during the day.

The funding will mostly go towards rescue equipment and training of volunteers.

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