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After graduation she worked on cruise ships, and has now set her sights on the Miss B.C. title. Apples has never taken part in any competition like this before, but when she researched the pageant, she was inspired by how different it was from others her friends had participated in.

“When I looked into it, it wasn’t just some whole ‘you need to be good looking to be in this’, so I just thought it was a great opportunity to be more involved in the community and involved in more charities as well.”

The competition isn’t like other beauty pageants you may have seen: there’s no height or weight requirement, and no bikini competition. Instead, it’s focused on women who are role models in their community, and are involved in charities.

Apples is all that and more. She volunteers for Cops for Cancer, selling magazines and organizing events to help raise money for the organization, which supports cancer research and programs for children with cancer. On top of that, she’s started her own company, Apples Cosmetics.

Next weekend, Apples and her fellow contestants will take part in a variety of workshops, including training for modelling, interviews, and manners and etiquette. They will also receive training in self defence and self-esteem and assertiveness. Apples is most looking forward to meeting all the other like-minded contestants.

“It’s hard to meet people that are on the same track as you in life where they really want to be role models and do something good with their life so I think that’s a big thing for me, just meeting other inspirational people.”

On the final night, they will all walk the stage several times, perform choreography and get interviewed by a panel of judges. While at the end of the night one woman will be crowned Miss B.C., Apples says the event is not about winning.

“With the title you’re just more in the public eye, so that you can inspire more people and be more of a role model, but either way, whether you win the title or not you can still do those things.”

Win or lose, Apples knows she has the support of her community, something she attributes to being from a small town.

“Fort St. John is such a small community where everyone comes together,” she believes. “The amount of support I’ve received in both the business and the pageant is absolutely remarkable. I feel so blessed to have such a small community just behind me to support me.”

To support Miss Apples, fans can vote for Miss Apples for the Peoples Choice Award once a day up until crowning day, by visiting

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