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Director of Community Services Bryant Bird says there was enough rain that water from the Pine River Watershed rose high enough that it flowed into the back channel near the causeway. The power sites that are viewable from the highway were basically unaffected.

The District has been waiting for water levels to come back down, and they finally have, so crews will begin work this week to fill in the area that was washed out, and re-sand the road so vehicles can travel through again.

“We’re hoping to do that this week, but obviously with the nice weather we’ve been having and the moisture, there’s a fairly significant amount of maintenance,” says Bird.

There’s a lot of work to be done, and grass to be cut, so while he hopes it can be reopened for campers this weekend, it’s more likely that will happen next week.

Even once the road is repaired, it’s not in the clear just yet. Bird says more rain could cause the same thing to happen again.

“There’s still a fairly significant snow pack that needs to come down, so any little bit of moisture could put us back in the same situation we’re just dealing with.”

The District of Taylor has updates on rainfall and river levels on its website, and recommends checking them before heading to the Park.

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