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The local swim club recently distributed its Year End Awards following the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season, handing out awards to swimmers competing in all divisions.

The Awards are listed below:

Most Sportsmanlike
Hannah Morrow – Novice
Logan Schar – Junior
Isaiah Morgan – Intermediate
Victoria Szoo – Senior
Chris Amstutz – National

Hardest Trainer
Brooklyn Willms – Novice
Blake Alberding-Berge – Junior
Hana Edwards – Intermediate
Tate Haugan – Senior
Chelsea Kerr – National

Most Improved Novice – Ty Haugan
Most Improved Junior – Jenna Alberding-Berge
Most Improved Intermediate – Jaime Jodoin
Most Improved Senior – Dani Acheson
Most Improved National – Lucy Stanford

Rookie of the Year – Griffin Ternier-Smith

Family of the Year – the Kerrs

Swimmer of the Year – Skyeler Kerr

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