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Buick Creek Principal Dave Ritchie says the equipment they have now is just the remnants of a playground set. Parts have been removed as they are too old to be repaired and brought back up to District standards.

“As it falls apart and becomes in disrepair, we’re not able to repair it anymore because it can’t be brought up to the current codes,” he explains, “so pieces tend to get taken away a bit at a time, so there’s not very much left at all.”

Ritchie says the decision of what to install will be made with parent, staff and student input. Although $50,000 doesn’t go too far when it comes to playground equipment, Ritchie believes any improvement will be appreciated by the students.

“I think they’ll be very excited and enjoy the opportunity to get outside and have something to do instead of just standing around waiting for the recess bell to go back inside.”

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm agrees.

“When you think of school funding, playgrounds aren’t often the first thing that come to mind – but from a child’s perspective it probably is! It’s great to see these rural schools getting fantastic upgrades for rural students to enjoy. I hope they have a lot of fun with their new equipment.”

The school will start looking at equipment catalogues as soon as they can, but it may take another winter before students can play on their new playground.

Approximately 42 students attend the rural school 70 kilometres from Fort St. John.

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