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The volunteers donated their services as part of a United Way Northern B.C. program which encourages local corporate staff to volunteer with meaningful, hands-on projects to assist non-profit agencies within communities in the northeast region of B.C.

Chris Dumanowski, the district superintendent for Devon Canada of Fort St. John, says support for local companies is something his company feels is very important.

“Watching out for our neighbours and working with communities that surround us are among Devon’s core values so we want to participate in projects in partnership with United Way to make a difference in our community.”

Volunteers from Devon Canada helped out in a variety of ways for the SPCA, including general landscaping, which meant cleaning the outdoor garden, planting flowers and cutting the grass.

The beautification of the land was in preparation for the SPCA’s open house which recently took place.

Volunteers also used their expertise to benefit the local shelter by welding and doing repair work to the SPCA’s kennels, improving and expanding the shelters current living conditions.

Candy Buchamer, a staff member of the local SPCA, spoke about the how important the helping hands were for the shelter.

“The SPCA values the time and skill that the Devon Canada Volunteers had to offer by helping clean and spruce up the yard and outdoor space as well as fixed and welded some dog pens, fences and other projects we could not have done in such a short time.”

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