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Competitors took to the stage competing in a variety of events, such as bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini.

It was a special evening for a group of local competitors, who emerged victorious to earn berths at the upcoming provincial championships

One of the local victors was 30 year old and first time competitor Ryan Modde, who took first place in the middleweight bodybuilder category, beating out six other competitors from across the province.

Other local competitors that finished in the top three of their division booking their ticket to the provincial championships included Duska Korda in the Women’s Physique category, Anglea Flower who won both the Fitness Short and Fitness Overall categories and Beck Grimsrud who qualified competing in the Women’s Middleweight category.

The provincial championships will be taking place Saturday, June 30 and will be held in New Westminster, B.C.


Below are the B.C. Northern Classic contest results (top five winners):

Mens Masters
1st- Bryce Scott

Mens Grand Masters
1st- Craig Anderson

Mens Lightweight
1st -Graham Chan

Mens Middle weight
1st-Ryan Modde (FSJ)
2nd-Codi Heinrichs
3rd- Mike Mothersill
4th-Daryle Ranson
5th-Mahmood Obedati

Mens Light heavy weight
1st- Charles Witwicki
2nd- Ben Janner
3rd- Bryce Scott
4th- Daniel Kix
5th- Mark Becker

Mens Heavy weight
1st- Tim Estergaard
2nd- Steve Alexander
3rd- Zak Kinder
4th- Mohamme Shubear (best poser award)
5th- Alex Welsh

Mens bodybuilding overall- Tim Estergaard

Womens Middle weight
1st- Becky Grimsrud (FSJ)

Womens Heavy weight
Karen Mahar

Womens bodybuilding overall – Karen Mahar

Best Poser Award Winner – Karen Mahar

Womens Physique

1st- Duska Korda (FSJ)

Short Fitness Class
1st- Angela Fowler (FSJ)
2nd- Keishia Hackett

Tall Fitness Class
1st- Corrinne Hemeryck
2nd- Sue Parker (Dawson Creek)

Fitness Overall
Angela Fowler

Bikini Masters Class
1st- Karen Cole

Bikini Short Class
1st- Carly Widdicombe
2nd-Nicole Scott
3rd-Tammy Ulmer
4th-Marissa Leriger (FSJ)
5th-Cordelaine Tedesco

Bikini Med Class
1st-Chelsea Tapainer
2nd- Rina Mattson
3rd-Jennifer Weintz
4th-Amanda Gardner
5th- Katie Sperandeo

Bikini Tall Class
1st- Kascha Collins
2nd- Toni Chittim
3rd- Jenessa Roberts
4th Jerri Kurtz (Dawson Creek)
5th- Riley Vocat

Bikini Overall
Chelsea Tapanainen

Short Figure Class
1st-Marlene Harnett
2nd-Deidre Bailey
3rd-Ambre Sakundiak
4th- Michelle McBeth

Figure Med Class
1st- Carole Smith
2nd-Jody Clark
3rd- Cara Roberts
4th- Joanne Sibley (FSJ)
5th- Megan Orcutt

Figure Tall Class
1st- Jessica Novak
2nd- Jennifer Ziemer
3rd- Tamara Totovic
4th Emilija Martic
5th- Melissa Ehmia

Figure Overall
Carole Smith f (1 point victory)
Master Figure
Sheila Wongstedt

For a look at some more pictures from Saturday’s competition, visit the official website of Muscle-Insider.

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