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Fort St. John RCMP says that’s what happened Monday night at approximately 9:45 p.m., while it was still light out. The horse in question was shot in the neck with a small caliber bullet, which luckily just missed the jugular, sparing the animal’s life. Although Kitt doesn’t believe this was a personal attack, she does believe the suspect’s intent was to kill.

“Where they shot him, I honestly believe they were looking to do something like that,” she argues. “I don’t have any reason to think anybody would do that, other than just some random act.”

With medical attention, he’s expected to be just fine, but is currently in pain and highly agitated.

Kitt’s husband thought nothing of when a dark SUV pulled into their driveway that evening, thinking they were lost, but before he could fully register their presence, he heard a shot and watched as they drove away. The family’s horse pasture is located between their driveway and their home, and Kitt says it’s lucky her children weren’t home at the time or they could have been outside as well.

“That’s where my children are supposed to play and feel safe,” she says. “I just hope that the person who did this takes into account what they’re doing. It’s not just some random animal, or a sign you’re shooting up; you’re actually endangering someone’s life.”

RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie echoes that sentiment, it could have been possible for someone else to get hurt.

“What is especially concerning regarding this incident, not only that the family’s horse was shot, but the horse was shot in a pasture directly in front of the residence,” she explains. “The potential for a family member to be seriously injured as well was significant had they been outside at the time the suspects arrived on their property.”

Since the incident, Kitt has heard about other similar animal shootings in the area. While she says she still loves living here, it does leave her with a sense of fear.

“A little bit of me is a little bit scared,” she admits. “I don’t think anyone should feel scared to live in their home. Our community needs to be on the lookout, because someone out there is doing something that’s not right.”

RCMP are now investigating the shooting and ask anyone with information about the suspects to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Further to that, Kitt hopes anyone who sees anything suspicious in their neighbourhood to report it.

“If we as a community stay together, it stops things like this.”

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