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The first phase of three was public and stakeholder engagement, including a tour of the area to speak with as many people as possible, and written feedback. The Fraser Basin Council received over 300 submissions, and the first phase identifies the key issues, but does not analyze the concerns.

Seven categories of concern were identified, including personal health issues, environmental pathways of exposure, related environmental issues, changes to community, community service issues, oil and gas operational issues, and institutional framework issues.

According to the report, many respondents reported personal health issues like cancer and asthma, but did not directly indicate how they believe they were caused. Respondents also expressed worries about the unknown health risks of the oil and gas industry, and suggested further research and education for the public. Concerns also arose of the impacts to the quality of water and food.

As for environmental impacts, residents are concerned about the possibility of explosions, spills or accidents, and noise and light pollution. The pressures on a community, like extra demand on health care and family services and water and sewage systems, the need for housing, parking and increased enforcement, and potential traffic issues were also among the concerns raised.

Phase two will now evaluate all of the concerns that could have a direct health impact due to the oil and gas industry. It will also focus on impacts to air, water, land and food quality and whether or not there are contaminants created as a result of oil and gas activities. It’s expected the second phase will take 18 months.

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