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The vote resulted in a unanimous decision to welcome Fairview to the league, who put together a thorough presentation outlining the reasons the city needs the new team.

Such of those reasons included the recent drop off in minor hockey numbers within Fairview, as well as the lack of a senior men’s team.

The city feels this will allow Fairview’s better minor hockey players to stay in the town following the conclusion of their minor hockey career.

Attendance is dropping at Fairview’s local college, and a new hockey team would provide some scholarship opportunities for its players.

Representatives from Fairview also spoke about their strong financial backing, something that Al Spence, President of the NWJHL mentioned while speaking with

“Financially it’s all good,” he said. “They set out a pretty firm budget and its looks really good. Financially there will not be any problems out of Fairview.”

No firm decisions have yet been made regarding the new team’s coaching staff, as they were unable to make any decisions until a vote had gone through.

Spence says the team did lay out some recommendations for various executive and coaching positions, but nothing has been made official.

As for the players, the team will be holding its first set of tryouts come September and a team website is already in development.

The name on the front of the jersey is yet to be determined, and Fairview wants to kick off its campaign by extending an invitation to its fans.

Spence says representatives discussed issuing a contest to local schools in Fairview to come up with a name and possibly even a logo to be used for the new team.

The Fort St. John Huskies will know exactly when they meet the newly instated team come June 16, when league executives get together and create the 2012-2013 NWJHL schedule.

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