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Davies suggested that it is much safer when the mall parking lot is used for overflow parking for the Pomeroy Sport Centre.

That motion was seconded by Larry Evans, who agreed that it is a far distance for people to either cross at 100th Street or 96th Street, and added he himself had jaywalked at that intersection when the Sport Centre was full.

Quick to rebut was Trevor Bolin, who pointed out that the Totem Mall parking lot should not be used as overflow parking as is it private property.

“It’s not a crosswalk so they shouldn’t be crossing there. They should walk to either side where there is an intersection and crosswalk.”

He also argued that traffic on that street is often so backed up that it would be in the way of the proposed crosswalk anyways.

Davies responded by saying he has been contacted by numerous people about how unsafe it is to cross in that area, and that his intent was to see either a set of lights or a controlled crosswalk included in the 2013 budget.

“An intersection or not, vehicles cross at that point of 93rd, so it’s an intersection in all facets of what people might consider an intersection.”

Bolin, clearly frustrated, exclaimed, “I think it would be a mess. I don’t get why we are trying to put a crosswalk in where there aren’t any intersections. That is how people get hit.”

The motion eventually went to vote, where it was voted down 4 – 2 with Davies and Bruce Christensen voted for, ending a heated and entertaining conclusion to May 28’s City Council meeting.


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