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Fairview’s birth into the NWJHL would replace that of the Whitecourt Wolverines, who recently disbanded to avoid competition for the cities newest AJHL team.

Fairview has already submitted a Letter of Intent stating they wish to gain acceptance into the Junior B hockey league, and will present their business plans for the team’s hopeful acceptance.

Al Spence, the president of the North West Junior Hockey League says he feels Fairview has a strong chance of being accepted.

“I think they do. They have some very strong executives involved and a significant amount of money backing the team. Plus they seem very excited to get going.”

Fairview had been involved in the NWJHL many moons ago, but Spence says it’s been at least 20 years since the league has seen players hit the ice representing Fairview.

According to the president, not only is he confident Fairview will hit the ice next season, but that they will put together a talented and competitive team as well.

More information will be posted following the vote on June 2.

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