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Sunday’s second place finisher was George Gamble, who finished the event just under three minutes behind Shaw, with a time of 3:00:11, while Pat Ferris placed third at 3:04:28.

The race also featured 40 km and 20 km distances. The 40 km event was won by Roger St. Jean, finishing first with a time of 1:07:05, Sandy McDonald second at 1:07:58 and Nicki Haugan third at 1:13:20.

Finally, Dian Loro finished first in the 20 km race with a time of 49:51.  

It’s a busy upcoming week for the Blizzard Bike Club, who will take Monday off, then will get right back at it Tuesday with another Baldonnel time trial. The Club will also have races Wednesday and Thursday, as well as Sunday.

For more information on the local Bike Club or to view its upcoming schedule, visit the Club’s website.

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