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“What our customers have been telling us for a while now is they think the system would be fairer if lower risk drivers were paying less for their insurance and higher risk drivers were paying more,” explains David Clancy, Director of Personal Products for ICBC.

ICBC is now taking around options to 12 regional centres in the province, as well as accepting feedback online, to try and do a better job of identifying who lower and higher risk drivers are. Along with the options, customers will also get an idea of the premium differences they might see. Clancy says that if ICBC were able to move to a system that better recognized who drivers are, about two-thirds of customers could be paying less than they do today, and about a third would be paying more.

“This is really all about trying to come up with a system that is going to be seen as fairer by our customers,” he explains, “so what we want to hear from people is whether they think the options that we’re showing them are fair.”

ICBC will hold an open house from 6 – 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30 at the Quality Inn Northern Grand. Written feedback will be taken there, as well as accepted online. By Friday afternoon, 1,100 responses had been submitted. This is the first time the insurance company has conducted in-person open houses, but Clancy says so far the turnout has been good.

“What’s been most interesting is hearing people talk, not just to us, but to each other in some of these sessions,” he says. “It’s a chance to let everybody have their say.”

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