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That’s in part thanks to a $1,000 donation of seed money from Trans Canada to pursue the purchase of a portable stage.

Early plans for an outdoor community stage were first presented to Fort St. John City Council in June of 2010, but less than two years later, the committee in charge felt that the City’s vision did not match theirs, and the project was shelved. Discussions have since picked up again, with the Arts Council taking over.

Rosemary Landry, President of the Arts Council, says it will look at the feasibility and cost of a portable stage which can be used by all organizations in the community.

“Along with a portable stage comes the responsibility for storing it, transporting it, setting it up and taking it down,” she explains. “All of these factors have to be taken into consideration.”

In September 2011, Council authorized the development of a new plan for the park, including potential removal of the skate park, as well as electrical, water and sewer changes.

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