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Over the weekend, the local rodeo club held its second event of the season, and the only event taking place in Fort St. John.

On Saturday, April 28, riders from all across the Peace Region gathered at the Babcock Private Arena, competing in a variety of events as part of this year’s High School Rodeo season.

Below are the official local results from the weekend rodeo:

Junior Results 
Pole Bending    Saturday  Sarah Terpstra 4th, Jordan Wolsey 9th
                          Sunday  Jorday Wolsey 1st, Sarah Terpstra 6th
Barrel Racing    Saturday Sarah Terpstra 5th, Jordan Wolsey 9th
                          Sunday Jordan Wolsey 3rd, Sarah Terpstra 7th
Girls Breakaway  Roping   Sunday Sarah Terpstra 1st
Girls Goat Tying   Saturday  Sarah Terpstra 4th, Jordan Wolsey 6th
                          Sunday  Jordan Wolsey 3rd, Sarah Terpstra 4th
Boys Goat Tying   Sunday Derek Hadland 1st
Team Roping    Saturday Derek Hadland and Chance Bolin(Draw) 1st
Ribbon Roping   Saturday Zack Milliken 1st, Chance Bolin 3rd
                           Sunday Zack Milliken 1st
Jr. Chute Dogging     Saturday Chance Bolin 1st
                                  Sunday Chance Bolin 1st

Senior Results

Pole Bending    Saturday  Gaylene Babcock 1st, Kayla Gonwick 3rd, Destinee Paulovich 6th, Lisa Graham 7th
                         Sunday     Gaylene Babcock 1st, Kelli McLeod 3rd, Kylie Olmstead 4th, Kayla Gonwick 8th
Barrel Racing    Saturday Gaylene Babcock 2nd,  Destinee Paulovich 9th
                         Sunday    Gaylene Babcock 3rd, Kyla Fettes 6th, Kelli McLeod 7th, Destine Paulovich 9th,         Brook Soychuk 10th
Girls Goat Tying      Saturday Gaylene Babcock 2nd, Kelli McLeod 5th, Kyla Fettes 7th, Brook Soychuk 8th, KylieOlmstead 10th
                              Sunday Gaylene Babcock 1st, Brook Soychuk 5th, Kylie Olmstead 9th, Yvonne Clark 10th
Team Roping Saturday Ricky Warren 1st
                       Sunday Ricky Warren 1st 
Bareback Riding   Satuday CJ Graham 1st
Girls Cutting   Saturday Gaylene Babcock 3rd
                       Sunday Gaylene Babcock 3rd
Boys Cutting   Saturday Ricky Warren 2nd
                        Sunday Ricky Warren 2nd

Next up for the Rodeo Club is a pair of provincial qualifying tournaments, which will be taking place in Dawson Creek the weekend of May 11 and another being held in Hudson’s Hope during the weekend of May 25.

Both those tournaments, along with the one which just took place in Fort St. John are all important in determining whether the club competes in the upcoming provincial tournament, taking place the weekend of June 9 in Williams Lake.

However, the ride doesn’t stop there as the top four provincial teams earn berths into the national competition. This year’s national event will be taking place in Rock Springs, Wyoming and will feature competitors from Canada, the United States, Mexico and Australia.

Peck is confident the Peace Region can make it back to the National competition, as last year, Fort St. John’s Gaylene Babcock and Hudson’s Hope’s Ricky Warren each competed at the national level.

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