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Tracks on Tracks will take six bands across the country via train from Vancouver, playing shows along the way, eventually making it to the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto. Three of those will be voted in by the public.

The team of Lindsay Pratt and Naomi Shore has beat out over 200 original nominees, the top 50 and the top 25 to make it to this coveted spot. At first the girls were just happy to be nominated, and set their sights on making it to the top 50. However, with the prize in sight, their focus has changed.

“There’s an actual chance that we can get on the train,” says Pratt. “You know what? We’re talented enough to be on that train. We’re going to do it.”

All that’s left to make it to the final three is just one more voting round. As the only band from northern B.C., Twin Peaks attributes its success so far in the competition to support from the community.

“I think it’s just such a supportive community; the north is just supportive of its musicians,” she argues. “We’re very thankful that everyone’s been behind us all this way.”

They’ve set up a facebook and twitter account, and have even launched a website to help promote themselves. Lindsay says she’s heard some comments from people not having heard of the group, calling them “nobodies”, especially because they only have one song available on the CBC website. However, they’re determined to take advantage of this opportunity to make themselves known.

“How do you ever get to be a somebody if people call you nobodies,” asks Pratt. “Let’s put Fort St. John on the map and some hometown girls that need the opportunity and are going to be grateful.”

Voting for the final three will take place over the next week, with the winners announced Wednesday, May 9. In addition to asking the community to vote for them one last time, the duo hope to branch out on the media, with hopes of another interview on CBC Radio 3 and if possible, the Grant Lawrence show. To help Twin Peaks make it on to the train, click here to vote!

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