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That includes an increase for farm workers and live-in camp workers in the Peace Region, as well as higher piece rates for hand-harvested crops. This is the third time minimum wage has gone up in the past year, as part of Premier Christy Clark’s promise last March to phase in the increase.

“British Columbians who made $8.00 per hour last year, could now have more than an additional $4,000 in their pockets this year,” said Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government Margaret MacDiarmid. “That’s good news for individuals and families- and that’s good news for the economy.”

Before this time last year, workers were making $8 an hour, which rose to $8.75 on May 1, 2011 and $9.50 on November 1, 2011. Non-hourly wages for camp leaders, live-in home support workers and resident caretakers will also be adjusted in proportion.

Another wage increase today goes to liquor servers, who will now make $9 an hour. Before May 1, 2011, they too made $8 an hour. It’s expected that tips will increase their pay.

However, these increases may not pose much of a problem for local employers. A 2011 survey by the Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce showed that 89 per cent of responding members felt a $2 increase to minimum wage would not affect their business in a negative way. It may also be a good thing for businesses in the Energetic City.

“With today’s final increase to $10.25, it’s likely those workers will spend their extra money locally, which is good for the community,” says Chamber President Brent Hodson.

If you earn the general minimum wage, liquor servers’ rate or get paid by piece rate, you can find out how these changes may affect you here.

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