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Jill Chimko, of the Prince George Fire Centre, says that a rather wet summer season last year allowed for a greater grass growth rate, which creates a bigger risk for this spring due to a high amount of dead grass produced throughout the winter season. As a result, she says the centre is “planning for a little bit of a busier season” with regards to grass fires.

Charlie Lake Fire Department already had to deal with three brush fires last Saturday, caused by bonfires.

The Fire Centre adds that because of the heavy amounts of rain last summer, rates of grass and forest fires were a record low, so the Centre is expecting a bit of a busier season this summer.

Chimko shares a few tips on how to prevent controlled fires from spreading. She said an important aspect to be aware of is the wind and its direction. If the wind is blowing towards a structure, she recommends avoiding burning grass fires until the direction of the wind changes. It is also important to make sure that the necessary tools are on hand to prevent the spread of fires, such as water, shovels and a rake.

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