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Both funds are being targeted to support children with learning disabilities. The Learning Improvement Fund is designed to help students with special needs, by hiring additional teachers and teacher assistants.

The money is intended to help provide additional teaching time, and to help in funding professional development and training to assist teachers in addressing the complex needs within their classroom.

The B.C. Education Plan Fund is being targeted at programs that support struggling readers, so that students will receive the necessary support needed to help develop strong and important reading skills, which are critical for success in school.

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm spoke about the intentions of such funding.

“We want to help students with special needs feel more comfortable, welcome and integrated in the classroom, and the Learning Improvement Fund will provide the resources the enable this environment.”

Along with School District 60, Fort Nelson’s School District 81 will be receiving $126,158 through the Learning Improvement Fund and $17,420 through the B.C. Education Plan Fund.

This coming school year, the B.C. Government is doubling the Learning Improvement Fund from $30 million to $60 million. The increase comes as a result of the province wide operational savings of $37 million resulting from last month’s three-day teacher’s strike.

For more information on the Learning Improvement Fund click here, and for more information on the B.C. Education Plan Fund, click here.

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