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MLA for Delta South Vicki Huntington said the Bill forgets the government’s obligation to consider the impacts of how industry affects the surrounding area, especially in the north.

“What we have there is a one-window institution which is considered by the professionals in the Oil and Gas Commission to be one of the finest regulatory bodies in the industry,” she told her fellow MLAs. “It may well be. But yet again, we see a complete lack of understanding of what the industry and its future is going to create in that area of the Peace.”

She argued there are no cumulative impact assessments taking place,  and that residents are having to fight to have their voices heard. Among other things, Huntington suggests separating the enforcement part of the OGC so it is not so closely connected.

MLA for Cariboo North Bob Simpson followed that up, speaking particularly about the changing of the self-sufficiency requirements for B.C. Hydro. He argues that the government needs to take another look at its energy plan, and specifically better outline its intentions around Site C in the Peace.

“British Columbians need a clear understanding of what the government’s intentions are for that power from Site C,” he said, “because if it’s not for households, it’s for subsidy to the Horn River Basin, to the tar sands or to LNG.”

The two said again that all they want is for the government to take a closer look at the Oil and Gas Commission and B.C. Hydro, to see whether proposed legislation does enough to help the Peace Region. As both are still processing their trip up here, they say they’ll have more to say in the coming weeks.

To read the transcript from Huntington and Simpson’s speeches, open the attachment below, or view the video to the right.

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