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If an employer has a strong track record, they will now receive an Accelerated-Labour Market Opinion within 10 business days. Before hiring a foreign worker, an LMO must be applied for, proving that efforts have been made to hire locally, and that working conditions and wages are up to standard.

As Northeast B.C. is experiencing a skilled worker shortage, this change is intended to make the program more responsive to labour shortages, and have employers face less red tape.

“I have heard from many local employers about labour shortages in our region and the difficulties they have faced in hiring temporary foreign workers to meet these employment demands,” says Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer. “The changes introduced today will ensure that these employers will have the opportunity to hire the skilled labour they need more quickly.”

These A-LMOs will cover high-skill occupations, including skilled trades, and will be open to employers across the country. Based on how the initial process goes, they may eventually be opened to include all of the occupations covered by the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

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