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Over 60 students of all ages kicked, punched and chopped their way through over 2000 pieces of lumber, not only breaking boards, but also last year’s fundraising record.

This year, thanks to the great work of the students and those who made donations on behalf of them, the club raised $12,067.95, all of which will be allocated to help improve the Martial Arts Studio’s facility, and help in bringing in guest instructors for the benefit of the students.

Along with the sound of lumber breaking, the gym echoed with the Studio’s head instructor, Master Darrell Marsh, who throughout the event, continuously shouted words of encouragement, reminders to stay focused, and of course, the reward at the end of the event, a delicious slice of pizza.

Halfway through the event, awards were distributed to students who raised the most amount of money for the event. Top honours went to five-year-old Emily Brain, who raised an impressive amount of $2,045.

Brenda Baumeister, an executive member of the Red Dragon Martial Arts Studio, talked about the importance of these type of events.

“These events are great and it’s all for the benefit of the kids, whether we can improve our studio or bring in guest instructors, we are always thinking of ways to make the studio better for the students.”

The event was a hit, as all the students looked to be having a great time as they achieved their fundraising goals, even if it left them with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

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