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Work will also begin on various passing lane and intersection improvements along Highway 2 and Highway 97, and repair work will continue on roads affected by the 2011 Peace flood.

Of the 280 original flood sites on the highway network, the remaining 53 sites will undergo further repairs this year. Projects to restore highway infrastructure include the construction of the replacement bridge across Brassey Creek on Highway 52 and the completion of repairs through the Pine Pass on Highway 97.  This includes widening, strengthening and surfacing 9.5 km of Stewart Lake Road.

Various side roads will be strengthened, gravelled and graded, including Stuckey Road, Alderdale Road and North Rolla Road. There will also be an enhanced dust suppression program this year.

Below is a complete list of all the roads that will see improvements.

South Peace hard-surfacing:  pave or seal-coat more than 26 km of various side roads in the South Peace area, including:
·         Stewart Lake Road
·         Old Hart Highway (pave 8 km)
·         Old Edmonton Highway (seal-coat approximately 13 km)
·         Adams Road (seal-coat approximately 1.6 km)
·         Bear Mountain Road (seal-coat approximately 2.5 km)
·         Prince Subdivision (seal-coat approximately 1 km)

South Peace gravel and road base improvements: strengthen and gravel grade various side roads including:
·         Stuckey Road 208A
·         Coal Creek Road 220
·         Bedell Road 247A
·         Alderdale Road 220Q
·         North Rolla Road (219)
·         Kennedy Road (237D)
·         Willow Valley Road (10)

South Peace dust control: apply dust control, valued at $1 million, on various side roads throughout the South Peace impacted by the oil and gas industry. This is in addition to the approximately $500,000 spent annually by the road maintenance contractor. Roads targeted for dust suppression include (but are not limited to):
·         Moberly South
·         North Rolla Road 224
·         One Island Lake Road 18

Highway 2 Blockline Southbound Climbing Lane: construct a 2.8 km southbound passing lane on Highway 2 at Blockline Road, east of Pouce Coupe.

Highway 97 10-Mile Northbound Passing Lane:  construct a 2 km northbound passing lane on Highway 97 at Farmington Fairways, north of Dawson Creek.

Highway 2 Tupper Creek to 192nd Road and Tupper Creek Bridge:
·         Start construction of 5.3 km of 4-laning and intersection improvements on Highway 2 from the intersection with Hwy 52 to the 192nd Road.
·         Tender a four-lane structure over Tupper Creek and 4-Mile culvert on Highway 2.          

Highway 2 Rolla Road to 8th Street: initiate construction of four-laning on Highway 2 between Rolla Road and 8th Street in Dawson Creek.

Highway 2 Corridor Improvement: construct upgrades at the intersection of the Old Tremblay Trail and Highway 2 in Pouce Coupe, delivered through day labour.

Braden Road Phase 3: widen, strengthen and sealcoat 15 km of Braden Road to complete the entire length of Braden Road between Highway 97 North & Highway 97 South.

Highway 97 corridor improvement: construct access improvements at Farmington on Highway 97, north of Dawson Creek, delivered through day labour.

Highway 97 changeable message sign:  install a changeable message sign on Highway 97, south of Chetwynd.

Highway 97 pedestrian traffic signal: install a pedestrian traffic signal on Highway 97N in Chetwynd.

Rolla Road luminaries: install luminaries at the intersection of Rolla Road and Sweetwater Road in Rolla.

Groundbirch luminaries:  install luminaries on Road 265 at the McLeod School and Community Hall.

Oil and Gas Preferred Route – Bessborough Road:
·         Design intersection improvements at Mason Semple and Bessborough Road.
·         Design improvements for 4.5 km of Bessborough Road to the intersection of Road 243.

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