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In 2011, the Legion hosted such a large number of residents that many were forced to watch from outside the main hall via closed circuit television. The capacity of the building is only around 200 people, so the 300 or so that showed up this year may have missed part or all of the service.

At the March 23rd meeting of the School District 60 Board, Dan Davies asked for the use of either Bert Bowes or Dr. Kearney gyms, and the request was approved this Tuesday. They also approved the use of a school bus to transport veterans to the school the Legion decides, as long as it comes at no cost to the School District. The Legion will have to provide a driver, as it is a statutory holiday. Board Chair Heather Hannaford called the deal between the School District and the Legion a “nice partnership”.

The decision will now go to the Legion Executive for final approval of the move.

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